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OUT June 2017:


'A gritty and thrilling sequel about a fight for survival in the lawless aftermath of a bio-terrorist attack' 

Bath Children's Novel Award

Out now:

'Instead of being another copy-cat thriller ... Brittan brings an interesting new twist on this genre which will keep you switched on and unable to put the book down' 

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Bad blood part one

Ben is 17 and he’s not sleeping that well. A few months ago he found his father’s body in the car with the engine running.


Coroner’s verdict: Suicide.


But there are things about the death that don’t add up. People are interested in his father, in his work, in what he left behind – interested enough to kill for it. In his search for the truth about his father’s death, Ben uncovers a secret – a terrible wrong that was done – that is to change the course of his life forever.


The Edge of Me
​Carnegie 2016 Nominated 
Bath Children's Literature Award Finalist 
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Coming Soon
The Reckoning
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