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Blowfish trotting off to YA literary fest on the South Bank: What they’re calling a ‘weekender’. Looking forward to the Dystopian Book Club and to doing something called ‘chilling’ in the reading den. It’s curated by young people living in London and is recommended for people under 25. Eek! Could maybe pass for 48…

It’s odd when you look for YA festies online and you’re greeted with a whole raft of goodies from across the Atlantic. If I fancy a ‘weekender’ for YA lit and I’m in the USA, I’m totally covered. In UK it’s a different story and YA is tacked on to other festivals and conventions. In the Summer Blowfish queued up with Judge Dreads and Princess Amidalas at the London Comic Con – got chatting to an earnest young man who had carried his Rorschach costume down on the train from Manchester ☺

I know it’s not for want of trying and I think Malorie is just the TOPS as children’s laureate but when you attend these events you realise what enthusiasm there is for YA writing. There’s so much amazing blogging going on about YA lit, so much interest in the films and characters, surely there should be more of these?

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