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New Beginnings

A lot has happened in 2014. Yes, I know Russia’s annexed the Crimea and there’s Ebola and the North Koreans are coming and Zoe Suggs didn’t write her bestseller. I mean with us, with Blowfish Books and our first title, The Edge of Me by Jane Brittan.

We’ve learned a lot but mostly we’ve learned how little we know about publishing, about money, about distribution, about lead-times, about ‘vlogging’ and about something called ‘PR’.

PR is pricey. End of. Book PR is crucifying. £3000 upwards per month? WTF? I don’t think so.

With the help and encouragement of our ever wonderful Sara Starbuck who is a real editor and all-round lovely person, we’ve been busy over the last two months on a collaborative edit on the Edge of Me – the literary equivalent of a high colonic. It’s time-intensive but super rewarding. The book is in great shape: lean and supple both inside and out.

We have spunky new cover designs.

We’re re-evaluating our website, making it cleaner and tighter.

We’re talking about clarifying the Blowfish brand and our USP.

We have typesetters, e-book converters and printers ready to go.

We’re going to make a trailer.

We’ll be talking to libraries.

And schools.

And distributors.

Lisa’s editing Summer at the Methane Lakes, coming out later this year, and gearing up to the sequel.

I’m going to be busy on my books Bad Blood 1 and 2 for release late 2015.

Our budget is tight. I mean T.I.G.H.T, and we are looking for creative new ways to get our books out there.

We are so excited about 2015, launching ourselves and our first title, The Edge of Me. we hope you enjoy it.

Happy New Year

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