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The Edge of Me Launch

Well, we did it and we did it large style. Consider The Edge of Me graduated! A really splendid celebration of Blowfish Books, of the two of us doing it for ourselves, and of course, of The Edge. Thank you so much to the serene and wonderful Imogen Green for letting us have the Catto Gallery for the night. The place was packed with friends, family and the delectable Nick Young from the Archer newspaper. And we sold books! Lots of books.

We thought long and hard about a launch party and whether it was worth doing, too expensive, too far away, too difficult to arrange … but I am so pleased that we decided to. Being an writer is a solitary life – it’s tough to talk to people about what you’re working on if they haven’t read it – it’s a bit like telling someone your dreams. It’s solitary for a reason because the writing of the story is happening in your head – and certainly in my case – as I’m writing it down.

I know writing isn’t road-building. It’s not the Burma Railway (in spite of what some authors would have you think) but it’s lonely, and to keep at it takes courage and self-belief. And just as haemophiliacs don’t make the thing that clots blood, I don’t make those myself. I have to have regular transfusions and a sort of spiritual dialysis to keep me going. And the launch night was in part about saying thank you for that.

We’ve worked super hard. We’ve eaten, drunk, breathed and slept The Edge of Me for over eighteen months, and to celebrate that and allow ourselves to see what we’ve achieved without agents and traditional publishers and expensive PR personnel, was insanely satisfying.

We’ll be doing the same thing again when Summer at the Methane Lakes comes out in October.

Because we want to.

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