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Back to School

In the last six months (post Carnegie-nom) I’ve visited a whole heap of schools. Been given lanyards, signed in, led down corridors, waited in libraries, been stared at by students. I have met many school librarians who, for my money, have to be some of the nicest people on the planet. I’ve been asked interesting, searching, ‘shit-I-never-thought-of-that’ type questions by students from year 7 to 13. I’ve plugged World Book Day, and I’ve signed lots and lots and lots of copies of The Edge of Me.

Students are curious about the Bosnian War. Most of them know little, if anything, about it. About countless bodies in mass graves, about the concentration camps and ethnic cleansing. It feels good that maybe my book, in a small way, has made some young people think about it and ask questions about it.

So thank you, Highgate school, Highlands Enfield, St Theresa’s, Fortismere, The Compton school, Preston Manor and many more. I have so enjoyed my time with you and your lovely students and hope to see you again very soon!

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