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Starting small and thinking big

We’re two authors who decided to go it alone. We started Blowfish Books because we wanted to write, and publish under our own imprint, books that didn't have to pass the 'supermarket test,' that didn't have to fit on someone's marketing list. 


The last few years have been an exciting time for YA and crossover fiction. It’s right there in the mainstream and attracting a broader readership than ever before. We want Blowfish Books to be a platform for fresh, original voices and compelling storytelling. We’re not looking for the ‘Next Big Thing’, just good, surprising, engaging fiction.


We started our journey with Jane Brittan’s The Edge of Me which has had great critical acclaim and, along with the Carnegie nomination, was a finalist in the Bath Children’s Novel Award, and is still on Daunt Books Recommended Reads list.


We’re super proud of Bad Blood, the first installment of our new fast-paced YA thriller out in September. Schools are already getting in touch for author visits! Watch out too, for the next Blowfish title, Summer at the Methane Lakes, a dark, sci-fi thriller and the first of a trilogy.


We are closed for submissions at present but we’ll let you know when that changes - watch this space!

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